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About Me

I am Jez Grattan-Kane.. a modern day Yogi.

Based in Bristol UK, I teach and research movement and breath in relation to physical and mental health. This is through a weave of Yoga, Breathwork and studying Integrative Transpersonal Psychology. My motivation for this work is fueled by a love of nature and curiosity to the potential of human experience.

Through my own journey of acceptance, healing and recovery from addiction, I have developed a fascination with the interplay between Mind, Body and Breath.

It is my long term aim to create a synthesis of somatic, breath, talk therapy and ecopsychology to support the emergent needs of individuals and groups. Integrating the past, increasing well being in the present and consciously co-creating a future.


How I work

I work with the Breath, modern anatomy, neurology, psychology & the time tested methods of Yoga to hold space for what needs to emerge for the individual or group.

Developing awareness, capacity and quality of breath is a master key to the physical, mental, emotional and social improvement of life.

The Breath is a key for you to use to: Rest. Recharge. Refocus.


Classes, Workshops & Retreats

Retreats & Workshops

Online Classes and Workshops


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